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Where's My Mind is the second episode of The Tick released on Amazon Video on August 25, 2017.


Tick and Arthur have a run-in with local villainess Miss Lint and her gang, who will stop at nothing to get back the mysterious supersuit that Tick took from them and gave to Arthur. Dot, Arthur's paramedic sister, moonlights for an unsavory business.


Miss Lint and her thugs break into Arthur's apartment and shoot him, but the new supersuit he is wearing proves to be bulletproof. Miss Lint accuses him of stealing the supersuit; Arthur protests and tells her it was not him. The Tick enters the apartment through the window and proceeds to throw one of Miss Lint's henchmen through the wall, then compliments Arthur for putting on the suit. Miss Lint tries to electrocute The Tick, but he resists her attack and manages to push it back. The electricity takes out her two henchmen, and shorts out the grounding bracelets she wears. Her second attack furiously savages the apartment, and causes her glass eye to pop out. The Tick picks up Arthur and throws him out the window to safety; Arthur lands atop a parked vehicle. He then runs off as fast as possible. The Tick catches up to Arthur in an alleyway.

In Arthur's apartment, Miss Lint studies Arthur's wall of clippings, picking out a particular one before one of her henchmen informs her that Ramses IV wants to see her.

At a roller derby, Dot is involved in a practice match, but worries about her brother not answering her calls and texts.

Arthur begins to freak out about wearing the supersuit, and breaks into the back of Goat's store and steals a poncho to cover up. When Goat finds Arthur in the back of the store, The Tick disappears. Goat threatens to call the police, but Arthur points out that he pays protection money to the Pyramid Gang so what is the difference? Arthur opens the poncho and runs out of the store, unaware he is being tracked by Overkill.

Miss Lint meets with Ramses at the destroyed warehouse. He reproaches Miss Lint for not getting the eye tattoos that the rest of the gang have. Ramses tells her to retrieve the supersuit.

Arthur resolves to give the supersuit back to the criminals so they will stop coming after him.

The owner of the roller derby arena, Stosh, asks for Dot's help in patching up members of Miss Lint's gang.

Arthur tells The Tick about the day The Terror killed the Flag 5 and his father in front of him. The Tick gives him a big hug. Arthur spots some of Miss Lint's henchmen driving around and stops them to give the suit back. The Tick upends their vehicle and sends it flying down the road. Arthur begins to believe that The Tick is nothing more than a figment of his imagination.

Walking towards his apartment, Arthur meets Dot who is looking for him. The Tick comes up behind him, and Arthur believes that Dot cannot see him – until she points out that she can. Distressed, Arthur goes up to his apartment after assuring Dot he is okay and telling The Tick goodbye forever.

Miss Lint returns home and replaces her glass eye. Because her bracelets are destroyed, lint is being attracted to her. She flashes back to a time when she worked with The Terror who gave her the bracelets and told her to own the nickname "Miss Lint."

Arthur leaves the apartment and is met by The Tick who tells him not to let Dot stop him from his heroic destiny. Walking away from The Tick, Arthur is cornered by Miss Lint's henchmen who attempt to take the suit. Overkill arrives and kills all of the henchmen before demanding the suit off Arthur. The police arrive, forcing Overkill to retreat. As the police move to arrest Arthur, he claims protection under the 28th Amendment; the police call in that they have a superhero.



  • The Tick's suit has been redesigned since the pilot episode. Arthur makes note of the change, to which The Tick simply responds "Thanks!"