The Tick 1: The Tick! was the very first Tick narrative in any medium. It was written by Ben Edlund and it introduces The Tick to the world and to The City he is destined to protect.

Synopsis Edit

The issue starts with Tick unhappily trying to deal with the boredom of life in an insane asylum and deciding to leave.

Once outside, he makes it to the City where he appoints himself its destined protector. The City, though, already has a protector; The Caped Wonder, who had been righting wrongs there for a few days a la Superman. While jumping around on roofs and using his Secret Crime Viewfinder, he manages to stumble into some Ninjas interrogating Shing, but he doesn't realize that anything untoward is happening and so he goes off to try to find crime to fight.

He eventually makes it to a diner where the classic 'Do you suck blood' dialogue happens, but he passes out from sucking air through the little straw. When he wakes up, he's on the subway tracks inside a tunnel. Of course, seeing the tracks, Tick assumes he is in the belly of a Blue Whale and so when The Caped Wonder comes to rescue him from the train Tick naturally assumes that he is a digestive enzyme. The pair of heroes are run over by the train and Tick is left with nothing but Clark's hat…