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Superian is the world's first and most famous superhero.



Superian arrived on Earth during the Tunguska event in 1908. The world's first and greatest superhero, Superian had been battling The Terror for decades by the 1990s, almost since he first arrived on Earth. Superian was responsible for killing The Terror in 1998, and does not believe the conspiracy theories that The Terror is still alive, pointing out that they found all of his teeth in the impact crater.

Season 1

Superian continues to respond to the conspiracy theories that the Terror is still alive, and rebuffs in televison interviews by calling the theorists stupid. In later events, an innocent man becomes oversized due to machinery by The Terror.

Superian arrives at the scene, but refuses to allow the government to missile the Very Large Man or VLM, whom thanks to radio signals, could be heading straight for the city, on the basis that he is a civilian and warns them if they fight the VLM they fight him. Superian attempts to write notes for the VLM to see, giving him instructions. Superian is later confronted by Arthur Everest on the basis The Terror is alive. Superion is sympathetic, but refuses to believe it.

Dr. Karamazov discovered that big bismuth is the weakness of Superian in 1988. When exposed to the element, Superian gets loopy and dizzy, losing his sanity and acting confused. This ultimately renders him unconscious and threatens his life. Superian resides at Arthur’s apartment after being exposed to big bismuth. Superian being comatose proves to be a great advantage for the Terror, who decides to use the VLM as a bomb. Arthur goes to face the VLM but Superian is inspired by the media who begin calling out for Superian to go take him in himself. The resulting explosion from the VLM puts Superian temporarily down, but he later freezes and captures the Terror when he is about to kill Arthur.

Superian remains unstable, and he becomes a rather controversial figure.

Season 2

Superian is revealed to have become an extremely controversial man, who remains unstable and desperate to get rid of the hate he receives on social media. He eventually goes to Arthur for advice, taking him all the way to a pyramid in Guatemala to have a conversation with him. On Arthur's advice, he decides to give “Humanity” a gift, and does so by carving a mountain into a statue.

This only makes him more controversial, however, so he appears at the AEGIS HQ and meets the hero Joan of Arc, who is actually Miss Lint in disguise. When there, Superian realizes the news reporter responsible for the hate Superian receives is in the building at the event, and takes him to Guatemala. He then visits Arthur for advice on what to do, as if Arthur were his therapist.

Arthur demands that Superian get the man back, and Superian does so but on the way he terrifies the man into staying quiet about the ordeal. He brings him back to Arthur who shoos Superian out of the house.

At the end of Season 2, Superian is arrested again.

Powers and abilities[]

Superian has super strength and can fly. He has eye lasers capable of burning and causing coffee to become pumpkin spice flavored. He is capable of freezing people with his breath. Also due to his alien physiology, while very old (at least 110 years just from how long he has been on earth) and possibly immortal he appears to be only in his 30s. He has really good eyesight, and can zoom in to any place he sees. A would-be category 8 superhero, he also has the ability of super hearing, as evidenced by the fact that he could hear Arthur from anywhere in the world.

Behind the scenes[]

Superian is played by Brendan Hines in the Amazon Video original series.