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Sewer Urchin is a superhero from the animated series, The Tick. He was voiced by Jess Harnell. Sewer Urchin is a


parody of the DC Comics superhero Aquaman, but he also possesses many of the mannerisms of Dustin Hoffman's character from the film Rain Main, frequently utilizing interjections such as "Yeah," "Definitely," and "Very (something)."

Sewer Urchin is the sworn defender of The City's sewer system and his helmet resembles a purple sea urchin. Because he lives in the sewers, he tends to smell bad and this makes him unpopular with many superheroes from the surface, such as Die Fledermaus (who calls him "Stinky"). Nevertheless, he is often seen at the Diner socializing with other heroes, including Die Fledermaus.

In "The Tick vs. Dot and Neil's Wedding", Sewer Urchin is revealed to have large supplies of rotten meat and a

Sewer Urchin and Die Fledermaus

submarine, among other things. In another episode, "The Tick vs. Filth", The Tick and Arthur follow him into the sewer to fight an enemy. There, Sewer Urchin saves their lives, and they find out that he lives in a luxurious underground expanse, filled with things he found in the sewers (including a vast sum of money), and he is also revealed to have many crime-fighting gadgets and outfits. His personality is also less Rain Man-esque, the Sewer Urchin displaying that he has a rather sophisticated and more intelligent character and bearing when on his home turf. After one ordeal, The Tick tells him, "You are so cool down here!", to which Sewer Urchin affirms that he is "the apotheosis of cool."

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