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Secret/Identity is the third episode of The Tick released on Amazon Video on August 25, 2017.


Arthur takes a break from hunting the Terror and tries to get back to his safe, normal, and unheroic life as an accountant unaware he's being stalked by the menacing vigilante Overkill. Tick confesses to an existential crisis.


In the 1960s a superhero known as Cat-Man-Dude was arrested for a series of maulings. The district attorney ordered him to be unmasked. When the papers printed his name and address, The Terror's goons broke into his home and killed his puma wife and cub children. As a result, the 28th Amendment was put in place to protect superheroes.

In a police interrogation room, Detectives Brown and Green question Arthur over Overkill's killing of henchmen. As Arthur's story of being a superhero starts to unravel, proof of Overkill's involvement surfaces. Arthur is photographed for records and cut loose.

Free, Arthur walks home and is met by The Tick who initially believes that Arthur killed all the men until Arthur tells him that Overkill was responsible. Arthur wants to go back to his normal life.

In his apartment, Miss Lint is waiting for Arthur to ask questions about his wall of clippings. Arthur tells her he believes that The Terror is still alive, but Miss Lint refutes his claim; she was there when The Terror was killed. She zaps him with electricity. Arthur has a flashback to playing with Flag 5 toys and his father telling him to go to bed, which morphs into Overkill stabbing his father in the back and then unmasking himself as The Terror.

Waking on the floor, Arthur finds the supersuit gone, and himself late for work. Getting ready, he stops at Goat's store to find The Tick eating with Goat's grandmother, Ouma. Arthur tells The Tick to go and capture Overkill but to leave him out of it. The Tick also finds out that the supersuit is gone. Arthur is picked up by Dot and driven to work.

In Goat's shop, two members of the Pyramid Gang arrive for their protection money, but The Tick stops them. He tells them that the store is now under his protection. At Fishladder & Sons, Arthur is introduced to his new cubicle mate, Jergen.

Miss Lint goes to see Ramses IV about the suit, but she denies having it.

At work, Arthur falls asleep and dreams about The Terror. When he wakes up, he finds The Tick at the window. The Tick admits to not being able to find him, and needing Arthur's brains. He also cannot remember anything prior to the last few days. They reach an agreement; if The Tick helps Arthur find Overkill, he will help him to discover his past. As The Tick leaves, Overkill grapples across to the building.

At Olympus All Sports Center, Dot finds Stosh treating the thug shot during The Tick's protection of Goat's store. He is trying to remove the bullet, but Dot tells him that is the wrong thing to do. The bullet should remain in the body.

At Fishladder & Sons, an evacuation alarm is announced. Arthur goes for his backpack and meets Overkill. Arthur tells him that he doesn't have the suit, and Overkill remarks that he is after The Terror. The Tick arrives and the two fight. The Tick takes all of Overkill's attacks easily until Overkill grabs his antenna, disorients him, and throws him out of the window.