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Rising is the sixth episode of The Tick released on Amazon Video on August 25, 2017.


Tick and Arthur try to use Ramses to prove that the Terror is alive and run into trouble. Miss Lint takes the advice of an old friend.


Superian attempts to stop Very Large Man from encroaching on civilization, coordinating with the military in the process.

Aboard Dangerboat, Ramses regains consciousness. Overkill injects him with a truth serum, and Ramses reveals that The Terror is holed up under the Sacred Mother of Infinite Misery Church.

The Terror explains how he survived and how he needed Superian to believe he was dead.

The Tick, Arthur, and Overkill disagree over the next course of action. Overkill wants to storm The Terror's base to take him out, while Arthur wants to take Ramses to AEGIS as proof that The Terror is still alive.

Miss Lint is angry that The Terror let her believe he was dead, but he tells her that she is actually angry at herself. She should have known The Terror was too tough to kill, and should have been looking for him all this time. Derek surprises them, and The Terror hits him with platypus venom and knocks him out.

Dot finds her mother cleaning up after the fight between Arthur and Miss Lint.

The Tick and Arthur take Ramses to AEGIS, only to discover that the building is closed. Ramses explains that with no superheroes in town, there is no need for AEGIS.

Miss Lint and The Terror dine, and he reveals he is working on his magnum opus.

Dot calls Arthur to say she is supporting Arthur from now, using her "connections." Ramses' men stage a rescue, firing at The Tick.

The Terror explains to Miss Lint that he always expected her to kill Ramses and move into his role.

Ramses fires on a bus, causing it to crash over some bridge railings. The Tick holds the bus while Arthur gets the passengers to safety. One woman's baby is left on the bus, and Arthur goes back in to save it. The bus falls from The Tick's grasp, but by flying, Arthur manages to save the baby – which turns out to be a dog. Once again, The City has superheroes.

Miss Lint visits Ramses and kills him, while The Tick and Arthur and warmly greeted by the population. Dot goes to help Stosh again, working on her inside connections. At Goat's store, The Tick and Arthur are warmly greeted by Goat, Ouma, and Tinfoil Kevin. Overkill calls Arthur to tell him the true translation. The supersuit was designed to fight aliens – Arthur believes that The Terror means to kill Superian before he is kidnapped. The Tick finds Arthur's glove on the sidewalk.

Tied to a chair, Arthur is confronted by The Terror!