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Ramses IV, or just Ramses for short, was a mob leader operating in The City.


Ramses IV is a crime boss who controls the Pyramid Gang which operates in The City and was one of the most prominent villains who rose to power following The Terror's apparent demise. Ramses believes that maintaining a brand is important, to the extent that he and his gang all have Egyptian-style tattoos around their left eye. Despite this, it was stated by his subordinate and former protege of The Terror Miss Lint that he actually hailed from Minnesota.


Ramses is a villain not known for tolerance of interference, as seen when he chewed out Miss Lint for The Tick's destruction of an operation that was approved by him and Overkill's injuring and murder of his men. He also has a short temper that is reinforced by his need to maintain his lofty position, which he displayed most notably during his confrontation with The Tick, Arthur and his sister Dot.

Behind the scenes[]

Ramses IV is played by Michael Cerveris in the Amazon Video original series.