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Party Crashers is the fourth episode of The Tick released on Amazon Video on August 25, 2017.


Tick crashes an Everest family party to convince Arthur's sister Dot of her brother's super-heroic destiny. Another more dangerous party-crasher arrives to threaten Arthur and his family.


As The Tick falls, he attempts to grab a flagpole to stop himself. The flagpole breaks and The Tick ends up face down on the sidewalk. Arthur and Overkill both look on in amazement before Overkill takes Arthur's backpack with his files in it. Overkill tells him the suit is the only link he has to someone called Karamazov. Arthur and The Tick go to his apartment, and he invites The Tick to sleep on his couch.

Overkill returns to Dangerboat, who is composing his theme tune. Overkill asks Dangerboat to run a background check on The Tick.

The next morning, Arthur wakes to find Tinfoil Kevin in his shower who The Tick ran into on morning patrol. Dot calls Arthur to pick up the cake for their stepfather's birthday party.

Arthur arrives at Walter's party with the cake, is greeted by his mother and then wishes Walter a happy birthday.

At her apartment, Miss Lint tries to activate the wing-suit prototype. She is annoyed by Derek, her ex-husband who she shares a condo with. Derek discovers that the suit is retina-locked to the first person it imprinted on – namely Arthur.

The Tick arrives at Walter's party, much to Walter's delight and Arthur's dismay. To add to Arthur's troubles, Miss Lint arrives after being told where to find him by Tinfoil Kevin. Arthur tries to alert The Tick to Miss Lint's presence, but he does not recognize her.

Upstairs, Miss Lint forces Arthur to put on the supersuit so that he can unlock it for her to use. Dot takes a call from Stosh about helping him with some "walk-ins." Dot declines, not wanting to get in trouble by performing unlicensed medical procedures.

Ramses IV gets a lead on the supersuit, and gathers his crew to collect it. Arthur refuses to unlock the supersuit for Miss Lint.

Miss Lint and Arthur fight over the suit. Arthur defends himself with a vacuum cleaner; Miss Lint's powers split the bag open and cover her in dust. Escaping to a balcony, Arthur jumps off, but the suit's wings kick in and he starts flying.