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Omnipotus (also called Nigh-Omnipotus) is a fictional being from the The Tick comic books and animated television series. Omnipotus is a giant humanoid who drifts semi-randomly through space, consuming planets for nourishment. He wears what seems to be metallic armor, has a finger named Otto and freakishly small feet, relative to his size.


He first appeared in The Tick: Karma Tornado 3. After the Tick competes in an intergalactic sports competition, instead of being beamed back to Earth, he is mistakenly transported to deep space. There he encounters Ham, a remnant of the space race, who was launched and then lost by NASA, but who has since acquired intelligence. Ham is the caretaker to Nigh-Omnipotus, but after the Tick arrives, Omnipotus allows Ham to leave as long as he can trick the Tick to take his place. The Tick stays for several months until he witnesses his boss destroy a planet. The Tick is shocked and chastens Omnipotus, who, ashamed, self-destructs. The resulting explosion sends the Tick back to Earth.

Animated series[]

In the animated Tick series, a slightly different storyline appears in the episode, "Alone Together" (second season, originally aired 16 September 1995). The Tick is sent to the moon to undo the graffiti lasered there by Chairface Chippendale. An accident involving explosives blasts the Tick into the depths of space, where he lands upon Omnipotus. As the Tick establishes a vaguely remora-like friendship with Omnipotus, cleaning the scraps and scratching the itches Omnipotus can't reach, he describes his home-world to Omnipotus. Omnipotus offers to take the Tick back there, secretly planning to eat the delicious-sounding planet for his next meal. Along the way, he eats the Little Prince's asteroid, which leads the Tick belatedly to the realization of Omnipotus's intention upon coming to Earth.

Omnipotus returns the Tick to The City, but then sets about his plan to consume Earth. The angry Tick confronts Omnipotus, who stops eating when the Tick appeals to their friendship. As he leaves for space again he is allowed to take a bite out of the moon, further scarring the poor satellite for the rest of the series.

He was voiced by the late Ron Feinberg.


The Tick: Karma Tornado 3-4, May 1994-July 1994

Production background[]

Omnipotus is a parody of the Marvel Comics character Galactus, the Devourer of Worlds.