Multiple Santa is a character in The Tick.


Multiple Santa is a villain who dresses as Santa Claus.


Multiple Santa is a member of The Evileers.

TV seriesEdit

Multiple Santa appears in The Tick episode "The Tick Love Santa," voiced by Jim Cummings. Originally a low-level criminal, he was fleeing the police when he stole a charity worker's Santa Claus costume. While being chased by The Tick who thought he was the real Santa Claus, the criminal got electrocuted on an electric billboard and gained the ability to make clones of himself which leads to him becoming Multiple Santa where he goes on a crime wave. This leads to Multiple Santa plotting to acquire the energies of The City's dam. After being visited by the real Santa Claus who tells him that Multiple Santa isn't the same as him, the Tick defeated Multiple Santa's clones by giving them a nuggie as the real Multiple Santa is then arrested by the police.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Multiple Santa can create clones of himself.