Miss Lint, or just simply Lint for short is a criminal and supervillain who operates in The City.


Miss Lint is a supervillain with the power to control electricity who runs a group of criminals operating under Ramses IV and the Dot Everest and used to work with fellow supervillain The Terror. Sometime before The Terror killed the Flag Five, he gave to her a special pair of bracelets that allowed her to use her powers more efficiently. She was especially distraught after her teacher's supposed death by the hands of his archenemy Superian; her mentor's last battle is presumably how she received the infamous scar across her eye.

She became the subject of Arthur Everest's ongoing investigation into organized crime in The City and is implied to have been a former love interest to AEGIS agent-turned-vigilante Overkill. After one of her operations was destroyed by The Tick and he seized a contraband bulletproof supersuit, she turned her attention toward his suspected accomplice – Arthur!!


Much like her mentor, Miss Lint is purely evil, callous and sadistic, though this is offset by her rather short temper, specifically when it comes to anything concerning her management abilities beyond her superhuman powers. This has earned her much respect and fear among many of her comrades to the point that those who don't know better end up worse off than if they were smart enough to recognize her ambient anger. She is reluctant to kill those with whom she has formed an emotional bond, as evidenced by her concern over her ex-husband Derek and by her delay in killing her former love-interest Overkill. She also hates The Terror (Amazon) and is constantly annoyed with the Pyramid Gang's Ancient Egyptian motif.

Powers and abilities

Miss Lint can control electricity and zap opponents with as many volts as she wants. Her electric discharge attracts dust particles towards her, which is how she earned her "Lint" nickname.

Behind the scenes

Miss Lint is played by Yara Martinez in the Amazon Video original series.

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