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Fear of Flying is the fifth episode of The Tick released on Amazon Video on August 25, 2017.


Tick and Dot help Arthur try to control his flyaway supersuit as the Pyramid Gang pursues them. Miss Lint has an unexpected caller.


Miss Lint leaves Arthur's family's house as Ramses IV and his men drive by tracking Arthur. She ducks behind a car so they do not see her. In the air, Arthur desperately tries to control his flight, but ends up retracting the wings instead.

Dot watches Miss Lint leave as the others gather to watch Superian stop the Very Large Man on television. The Tick is very impressed with Superian.

Plummeting to the ground, Arthur manages to control the wingsuit and begins to enjoy flying. Aboard Dangerboat, Overkill watches an interview with Midnight, who was not present with the Flag 5 on the day they were killed. Dangerboat's sensors pick up Arthur flying above The City.

Arthur manages to find a phone in the suit's systems, and calls Dot to ask for The Tick. The Tick leaves to help Arthur, and Dot goes with him. Ramses watches the tracker and realizes that whoever has it is flying.

Miss Lint returns home, and Derek initially mocks her but then gets her a towel.

Dot is incredulous that The Tick gave Arthur a flying suit. Arthur disengages the autopilot and loses control for a while before reenabling it. The Tick tells Arthur he should let go and take control of his own fate. Arthur takes a chance and takes full control of the suit, attempting to land in a field near a water tower. As he tries, Overkill fires a grapple at him and brings him down.

Arthur and Overkill realize they kind of know each other from Reddit, and are both looking for The Terror. As The Tick and Dot arrive, the big blue avenger prepares to square off against Overkill – until Dot walks straight between them to admonish her brother, and then hug him. Dangerboat warns Overkill of incoming hostiles and he disappears as Ramses and his men arrive.

Ramses demands the suit, but Arthur refuses and accuses him of working for The Terror. Ramses is visibly uncomfortable, and his men suspicious. Ramses orders his men to destroy them, just as Overkill destroys one of his vehicles in a tremendous explosion. Overkill and The Tick take on Ramses' men, while Arthur protects Dot. Ramses and his men flee, but The Tick knocks him out with a flying tire. Dot now believes The Terror is alive as she saw the truth in Ramses' eyes. Dot wants Arthur to leave and come home, afraid she will lose him to The Terror the same way they lost their father.

The Tick, Arthur, and Overkill take Ramses to Dangerboat. Dangerboat badly translates the message from Dr. Karamazov in Arthur's suit and they learned that Project Achilles is a weapons program.

At Miss Lint's apartment, she is surprised to find The Terror in her living room.