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Die Fledermaus is a superhero from the animated bend television series, The Tick. He fights crime in The City. He is a


Die Fledermaus

parody of the DC Comics character Batman. He was voiced by Cam Clarke.

Die Fledermaus' costume is brown and has several bat-like characteristics, including oversized ears, claws on the feet, and a realistic bat nose with huge nostrils. He has Batman-type equipment, which is rarely used. His name, die Fledermaus, is German for the flittermouse or the bat (and is pronounced as such, sounding similar to the English deflator mouse). It is also the title of a famous operatta, Die Fledermaus, by Johann Strauss II.

Die Fledermaus does not conduct much crime fighting. During a very short time in which Arthur was his sidekick, Arthur remarked that all they did was "look at fashion magazines and hang out at the diner." Die Fledermaus is a coward who usually faints when facing danger. His fainting one time happened during Proto-Clown's rampage. In "The Tick vs Arthur's Bank Account", The City's mayor notes that when the "Die Fledermaus signal" is turned on, Die Fledermaus disconnects his telephone and leaves town for a few days. Mostly, he sits in the diner and tries to pick up women with his costume and lame pick-up lines. However, in the first episode "The Tick vs The Idea Men", when the Idea Men prepare to blow up The City's dam, Die Fledermaus was one of the many superheroes (including Big Shot, American Maid, and the Human Bullet) that rushed off to stop them.

Considering his expensive costume and gadgetry, it is safe to assume Die Fledermaus is fairly wealthy. Like all superheroes in The City, Die Fledermaus does not have a job or alter ego. Throughout the animated series, it is implied that Die Fledermaus and the superheroine American Maid once had a rather intimate relationship but ended their romance some time before the start of the series. The two of them are still bitter about it, and frequently argue when they are together.

Because of copyright issues, the character of Die Fledermaus could not be used in the live-action version of The Tick. Instead, an original character with many of the same characteristics, called Batmanuel, was used in his stead.