Cat-Man-Dude was a superhero from the 1960s who operated in Hoboken, New Jersey.


His real name was Mads "Murph" Murphy, and he ran a nearby dairy farm as well as a sanctuary for rescued or decommissioned circus animals. Cat-Man-Dude was arrested for a series of maulings outside a local YWCA but insisted he was innocent, claiming the bodies had been mangled rather than mauled and that he had been framed by The Mangler. While he was in prison, the district attorney ordered Cat-Man-Dude's identity to be revealed. Once his name and address were made public, The Terror had his minions break into the disgraced superhero's home and kill his "puma wife and litter of child-kittens". As a result, the government established the 28th Amendment, also known as "Murphy's Law" which prevented law enforcement from revealing a super's name and address but also resulted in loads of paperwork for possibly the whole world's Justice Departments.

Behind the scenesEdit