Captain Mucilage/Mucilage Man is a character featured in both the comic and animated show. He plays a much more promienent part in the cartoon which he is a member of The Civic Minded Five. He shoots sticky glue out of his fingertips and head. His battle cry in both is "Let's get sticky!".

Circus Maximus BioEdit

A superhero operating out of The City whose specialty involves the projection of streams of high-pressure glue which pins his opponents inextricably to the nearest wall or other vertical hard surface. Mucilage Man has a chemistry background and succeeded in developing an adhesive which sticks to virtually any substance (except for bricks, concrete, asphalt, wood and most metals.) In his secret identity he continues to work on improving his secret formula to include these rare materials. "MM" is best-know for his daring confrontation with the Red Scare at the Woody Guthrie Memorial Fountain.