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Batmanuel is a fictional character from The Tick live action series.

An obvious parody of Batman, the character was

Nestor Carbonell as Batmanuel

similar to Die Fledermaus of the animated series.

Played by Nestor Carbonell, Batmanuel has no obvious superpowers or extraordinary physical abilities. He does, however, have a very high opinion of himself. Batmanuel's main focus is lechery (though self-aggrandizing comes in at close second). He is, or at least considers himself to be, one of The City's top superheroes.

Batmanuel's costume consists of brown pants, a tan shirt with a very broad collar, a short brown cape, a mask with bat ears, and a shiny golden codpiece that doubles as his wallet. Unlike the ears on Batman's costume which are essentially two points that sit on top of his head, the ears on Batmanuel's mask cover his actual ears and are shaped like the ears of a bat. These do not appear to serve any particular purpose. Batmanuel also wears fingerless gloves. He drives the Manuel Mobile, a gold Buick with a customized front plate that reads "BATLOVE."

Due to budgetary constraints, there were few actual action scenes in the live action series. On one occasion, Batmanuel pulls Arthur to safety when they are attacked by a ninja. However, in other episodes, Batmanuel is shown getting trounced by car thieves and is described as having been mugged on the subway when the Manuel Mobile was at the mechanic, so his fighting skills are questionable.

Batmanuel has an on-again/off-again relationship with Captain Liberty.

Batmanuel is very self-absorbed, often thinking only of himself even in the worst situations, and even speaking in third person. He is so self-absorbed that when parking, he takes up two spaces with his car, saying that "one space is not good enough for the Manuel Mobile. She requires two spaces minimum." He also appears to have no trouble with lying, with not paying the approximately $8,000 worth of parking tickets he has accrued, or with suggesting dumping the body of the Immortal (who died after having sex with Captain Liberty) into the river. (According to him, the story of a super hero dying during intercourse is "as old as the hills.") However, Batmanuel manages to help The Tick, Arthur, and Captain Liberty, when needed.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Coincidentally, Nestor Carbonell appeared in the second, and third movies win Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy as Gotham City Mayor Anthony Garcia.

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